The Audition, a jukebox opera on your doorstep

Three singers arrive for a mysterious audition. They haven’t seen each other for a long time, but when they get together they can’t help but burst into song.

Written by popular playwright Rachel Barnett, directed by award-winning director Helen Eastman and assistant director Keltie Forsyth, and featuring internationally renowned professional opera singers.

A big thank you to Awards for All and CIVA for assisting Davina’s Fund with the costs of developing our latest operatic production, The Audition.

Our opera singers, Tom, Louise and Francesca.

What people say about our show

LYNSEY DOCHERTY Artistic Director of Celebrate Voice:

‘Healthpitch have become expert in creating new works of music theatre of the highest quality, that succeed in connecting with older people in an imaginative, intelligent and sensitive way. The performers are superb, with their ability to communicate, and captivate through beautiful singing. They touch the souls of their audience, and invite them in to their story. And the audience are spellbound, as they journey and empathise with the performers. They sing, they laugh, they cry, and that is what good art is all about – connecting with people, allowing them to feel, to express, and to witness beauty. And that this is done through the voice means the human connection is profound, the response is immediate and the impact is lasting.’

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Our wonderful audience member standing in as conductor!