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New Words for New Times

How do you find the words to say how you feel when you have never lived days like these before?

New experiences, often challenging, fill our thoughts. We need new words to share them.

Music can cut through a wall of emotions and touch the soul. Which is why, now more than ever, we need music to express how we feel. New Words for New Times.

This is what moved international tenor Justin Lavender to re-imagine the much-loved Nessun Dorma as a thank you for frontline workers everywhere. And you can enjoy his version in the finale of The Soprano, which goes live on our YouTube channel on Saturday 11th July, at 3pm. A standalone video of Nessun Dorma will be available on the same channel from 3.30pm that day.

“Inspired by the work of Health:Pitch, which I have seen close up, and by the unstinting commitment of frontline workers around the world, I decided to write new lyrics and an arrangement for the familiar Nessun Dorma," Justin explains. "We all saw the emotional images of singing from Italy, and I wanted to capture that for this production."

The Health:Pitch team strive to make world-class music available to all, which during COVID-19, with a tour of care homes cancelled, has meant learning new skills too. Justin, who is also a professor in vocal studies at the Royal College of Music, was also on hand to help his wife Louise Crane film, in their home, her duets with Francesca Lanza for episodes five and seven.

For the final episode, Tom McVeigh will join Francesca and Louise to sing Justin’s new Nessun Dorma. Will you be there to enjoy it?

All episodes of The Soprano are free to view on our YouTube channel. If you need any help sharing them with those in your care, please get in touch. We would be happy to help.

The Health:Pitch team could not have bought The Soprano, a digital music theatre production featuring well-known opera, into care settings and peoples' hearts without the invaluable support of incredible partners.

As the three opera stars sing out their thanks to frontline workers, we would like to thank Dr Helen Eastman for her fun scripts that perfectly capture the mood of our times. We would like to thank the National Activity Providers Association, the National Care Forum, One Housing Group and the talented team at specialist media production company beechtobeach, who helped our stars to master the technology that made The Soprano possible.

Even with a driven team of volunteers, funding has been an essential element of this project. Thank you, Arts Council England, for believing in the power of music to connect us all. Thank you for helping us to enrich the lives of those who have enjoyed The Soprano, and who can continue to enjoy the videos on our YouTube channel. Thank you for your ongoing support to help us reach those in care.

Don’t worry… we’re not going to sing! We’ll leave that to the professionals.

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