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Health:Pitch goes digital – The Soprano streaming soon!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Join us on our Health:Pitch YouTube channel from Wednesday 17th June at 3pm, for a new musical theatre production to support positive mental and physical health and wellbeing.

“The Soprano”, an 8-episode opera written by Dr Helen Eastman and performed by Francesca Lanza, with opera singers and Health:Pitch colleagues Louise Crane and Tom McVeigh, is a digital creation born out of the COVID-19 crisis.

Enjoy free world-class opera free – wherever you are

Francesca, Louise and Tom are internationally-renowned opera singers, who have performed on stages from La Scala to ENO. When their planned tour of UK care homes and community centres was cancelled, they devised a plan to recreate the shared joy of opera - remotely. Now, they will perform from their homes in England and Italy, which means you can enjoy their singing wherever you are.

Music heals, music sparks happiness, music brings joy, music reaches lives and minds that are hard to reach, music brings people together.

“With face-to-face performances now impossible, Francesca and I wanted to find a way to bring the healing power of opera to those whose minds and lives are hard to reach,” explains Health:Pitch co-founder Camilla Vickers. “This opera, The Soprano, has been created to reach and support those groups who have been and remain isolated as a result of COVID-19. The script focuses on how music can keep us happy, healthy and connected with others.”

A digital opera – direct to you

Do you know someone who would enjoy The Soprano? Get in touch with us at or visit our YouTube channel

The Soprano will air in eight 10-minute videos over four weeks. Be the first to enjoy new episodes of The Soprano at 3pm on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons until July 11th. You can also watch the episodes whenever and wherever you can on our YouTube channel

The Soprano is designed and brought to you digitally with our partners, Celebrating Age Wiltshire and the Wiltshire Music Centre . “We were so disappointed when Health:Pitch’s live shows had to be cancelled,” says Rebecca Seymour, project coordinator for Celebrating Age Wiltshire. “We’re now so glad to support bringing The Soprano to not only all our local audiences, but way beyond the Wiltshire borders online.”









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