To have been invited by Renée Fleming to be a co-speaker at the “Music and the Mind” event at Wigmore Hall.
And with our successful event held in collaboration with the Health Systems Innovation Lab of London South Bank University.

The Health Systems Innovation Lab, LSBU & HealthPitch event: Thursday 13th June 5.00pm BST

Free, limited spaces.

Brace yourself for the latest HealthPitch production written specially for health and care settings, The Audition, a story about three out-of-work singers. An intimate, interactive, light-hearted and surprising performance of some of the best bits of opera. Followed by panel discussion and refreshments.

The Health Systems Innovation Lab, LSBU & HealthPitch are raising awareness and challenging habitual thinking “on how the arts can help humanise the medical system, not just as a nice add-on but in complementing and enhancing the effectiveness of conventional medicine”. All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing Inquiry Report.

The purpose of this event is for you to directly experience the power of live music and the voice and the effects it has on you beyond the level of the ‘thinking mind’. We already know there is a kind of magic where music can be instrumental in deepening emotional connections, and recent research demonstrates physiological benefits too. The event is about understanding this kind of interconnection of the arts with health at a soul level, considering its implications and encouraging you to think how you can bring quality arts into your health and social care settings and local communities.

Venue: London South Bank University1 03 Borough Road London SE1 0AA

Thu, 13 June 201917:00 – 19:45 BST

Pippa Kelly Champions ‘The Audition’

We are at the half way point of our tour of Scotland, showcasing ‘The Audition’ to a selection of community venues, hospices and care homes. We are overwhelmed by the response so far and have been humbled by the generosity of feedback. We term this tour as exploratory as for us it’s a time where we invite feedback from service users, staff, managers, creative arts leaders and the beautiful public.

Pippa Kelly is a writer and author and largely considered a thought-leader on dementia and elderly-care issues. Pippa saw The Audition in London in September at a fund-raising event held at Rosslyn Hall.

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Joyous Jukebox Opera

Autumn Tour 2018 – London

Fabulous weather and performances!

We put on The Audition for the NAPA Gala in the beautiful Kennedy Room (recently spotted on Strictly Come Dancing), Cecil Sharp House, to celebrate NAPA’s 20th birthday. Our audience being a mix of care home residents, care staff, activity providers and influencers from across the care sector – one of the latter proving a most able conductor.

We were particularly delighted to bring our relevant performance to this wonderful event that is all about quality care, in a manner that respects the care world, the professional singers (who cannot be expected to perform for free – ref Long Live Arts manifesto: and the quality of the production itself.

NAPA: National Activity Provider’s Association: meaningful engagement for older people

A huge thank you to you who joined us on the 29th September. This intimate performance in the Rosslyn Hill Chapel was a tribute to Davina, to whom this project is so closely linked, and in preparation for our upcoming exciting tour to Scotland. The evening, facilitated by Dr Claire Garabedian, proved a great success not least for the sense of all contributing in some way and showing how our performances spark discussion and action around a topic often unrealised. 


We visited Wiltshire for a week late in May 2018 for our Summer Tour 2018. A series of performances, each and every one special in its own way. This due to an excellent contact made at the event we convened last summer.

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SAGE – Studying and Advancing Global Eldercare

We were delighted to have SAGE delegates as part of our audience at a performance of The Audition earlier this year. Visiting from Australasia, the delegates were on a study tour of Senior Living systems of the United Kingdom. We would happily engage them in future chorus auditions!

healthpitch goes live!

The exciting launch of the new healthpitch website. It’s early days and we intend to work hard on improving the content. Thank you to whitespace for the design, branding and development work.

We will shortly be launching our social media presence too and hope you like, friend and follow us.