The smiles say it all…

At Health:Pitch, we know that the arts boost mental and physical health and wellbeing. To be in the room, when people laugh and sing along with the Health:Pitch performers is to witness the positive power of music and song to lift hearts and minds. We’ve seen the smiles. Yes, this knowledge is intuitive, but it is also rooted in science. The World Health Organisation (WHO) brief on arts sets out the health benefits of the arts. “A recently published WHO Health Evidence Network synthesis report (The role of the arts in improving health and wellbeing in the WHO European Region) demonstrates how arts interventions can help improve health and wellbeing, contribute to the prevention of a variety

It's a wrap!

After eight episodes, three extraordinary songs and countless hours of teamwork behind the scenes to bring the production from script to life, viewers can now enjoy the entire series of The Soprano on our YouTube channel. Inspired by the challenge of a cancelled UK care homes tour, The Soprano shares the joy of opera with those who feel isolated, alone or lonely. Yet, it’s not only viewers who have benefited. At the production wrap party (virtual, of course!) the Health:Pitch team shared their experiences of being involved in The Soprano. As well as many firsts, mostly connected to fathoming out the technology required to record episodes in their own homes, the team all agreed on one thing –

New Words for New Times

How do you find the words to say how you feel when you have never lived days like these before? New experiences, often challenging, fill our thoughts. We need new words to share them. Music can cut through a wall of emotions and touch the soul. Which is why, now more than ever, we need music to express how we feel. New Words for New Times. This is what moved international tenor Justin Lavender to re-imagine the much-loved Nessun Dorma as a thank you for frontline workers everywhere. And you can enjoy his version in the finale of The Soprano, which goes live on our YouTube channel on Saturday 11th July, at 3pm. A standalone video of Nessun Dorma will be available on the same channel from 3.30

'Music as a balm for the soul'

Music fuels human connections at a profound level. When people are isolated, and feel alone, the Health:Pitch team find a way for them to enjoy world-class music. When international opera singers are locked down in their homes, unable to tour care homes, we find a way for them to perform and record together. Where there is a way to be creative, we will find it; so we can share it with those who need it most. It’s what we do. “Never were such healing joys more needed,” says soprano Emma Kirby DBE. Emma and her husband Howard Williams, professor of conducting at the Royal College of Music, London, both saw the previous Health:Pitch piece, The Audition in Codford last September. “Having already

Thank you frontline workers - let's sing it loud!

The rainbows still smile from windows across the land, and we have clapped out our gratitude. Now, let’s sing a huge thank you to all frontline workers. Join us with our original reworking of Mozart’s Là Ci Darem. This is opera for our times, written to thank frontline workers in as many languages as we could squeeze into one song. As the NHS prepares to celebrate its 72nd anniversary on Sunday 5th July, join us to sing thank you to frontline workers. Sing from your balconies, your front gardens, or open windows. Just sing it – and sing it loud! At Health:Pitch we know first hand how vital frontline workers are. Wherever our singers perform, in care homes, hospitals, hospices, supported hous

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