With and through our productions we inspire and open relationships and dialogue on how to bring high-quality music engagement to those facing difficult times.

We raise awareness and challenge habitual thinking “on how the arts can help humanise the medical system, not just as a nice add-on but in complementing and enhancing the effectiveness of conventional medicine”. Visit HEALTH & THE ARTS

Why opera?

This is where our story began and we mix it up with music theatre. We enjoy challenging entrenched thinking including that about opera and we find fascinating the impact of the operatic voice on our varied, often atypical, audiences. We welcome opportunities to engage with other art forms.

Founded and led by a healthcare professional, teaming up with opera and theatre professionals, HealthPitch creates original productions to help restore human connection and enhance the lives of those in health and social care settings – including those who look after them – and isolated communities.

Our productions are professional yet accessible, relevant and intimate. The story-lines are simple and captivating, our talented opera singers truly engaging our audiences, whether top and middle management and influencers in the health and social care worlds, frontline staff, residents, patients, relatives or those just passing by.

By reaching, levelling and bringing together diverse, cross sector and cross tier audiences within these environments as well as the general public, we raise awareness and bring attention to what innovative partnerships can achieve: finding the holy grail in health and social care together, which is human connection for those facing difficult times.

VIDEO: 6 Characters final rehearsal at the Claremont Project, 10th March 2017