The Health Systems Innovation Lab, LSBU & HealthPitch event: Thursday 13th June 5.00pm BST

Free, limited spaces.

Brace yourself for the latest HealthPitch production written specially for health and care settings, The Audition, a story about three out-of-work singers. An intimate, interactive, light-hearted and surprising performance of some of the best bits of opera. Followed by panel discussion and refreshments.

The Health Systems Innovation Lab, LSBU & HealthPitch are raising awareness and challenging habitual thinking “on how the arts can help humanise the medical system, not just as a nice add-on but in complementing and enhancing the effectiveness of conventional medicine”. All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing Inquiry Report.

The purpose of this event is for you to directly experience the power of live music and the voice and the effects it has on you beyond the level of the ‘thinking mind’. We already know there is a kind of magic where music can be instrumental in deepening emotional connections, and recent research demonstrates physiological benefits too. The event is about understanding this kind of interconnection of the arts with health at a soul level, considering its implications and encouraging you to think how you can bring quality arts into your health and social care settings and local communities.

Venue: London South Bank University1 03 Borough Road London SE1 0AA

Thu, 13 June 201917:00 – 19:45 BST

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