Are you an individual or organisation in a position to help with awareness?

healthpitch delivers high quality opera performances involving an entertaining and accessible storyline. Our ongoing feedback, research and mounting evidence is showing a clear and positive impact on the quality of the lives of the elderly in care that we reach.

It’s simple. We need to do more of this.

We are looking to impact social and governmental change for the lifelong, quality engagement of elderly in care.

healthpitch trains and provides professional, operatic performers from all over Europe and beyond. Our former influencers have held wonderful events, drawing in friends and associates who have had a truly wonderful time watching our performances whilst engaging with the understanding and need for better quality arts provision for the elderly.

We’ve been heartened by the response and the generosity with not only funding but introductions and recommendations. But of course, we need to keep momentum and make new friends.

If you would like to be part of the success and think you can help in some way, please contact Camilla Vickers