Are you an individual or organisation in a position to help?

As stated in the Inquiry report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Arts:

“The conundrum that we have found ourselves pondering is why, if there is so much evidence of the efficacy of the arts in health and social care, it is so little appreciated and acted upon… We have identified a number of barriers… These barriers are attitudinal rather than legislative or inherent in formal policy.”

“Received wisdom has yet to recognise consistently that the arts can help humanise the (medical) system, not just as a nice add-on but in complementing and enhancing the effectiveness of conventional medicine.”

The arts “offer a potential resource that should be embraced in health and social care systems which are under great pressure and in need of fresh thinking and cost-effective methods.”

“We offer a challenge to habitual thinking and ask for new collaborations to be formed across conventional boundaries.”

Intelligent innovation, significant cross field collaboration and cohesion, as well as a strong public voice is needed. Our professional yet accessible opera productions and talented opera singers catch attention and can help open conversations and facilitate new collaborations around this important topic.

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